new cookbook LURE

"Ned's passion for sustainable seafood is infectious and this book irresistible. Bring his recipes into your home to support healthy oceans."

- Dr. David Suzuki, award-winning scientist, environmentalist, and broadcaster


A day dedicated to National Sustainable Seafood Day on March 18 would help to raise awareness around ocean-friendly choices as well as offer a day to celebrate the sustainable seafood leaders in Canada. 

Yes, I support the motion to make March 18
Canada's National Sustainable Seafood Day.

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Overfishing and fishing management practices are just one of the many threats that our oceans face. Choosing seafood responsibly has a huge impact in supporting the solutions that exist for healthier oceans.
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Chef Bell's goal is to engage his peers, chefs, in communities, regions and provinces Coast to Coast to Coast through education and awareness for the future of sustainable seafood. To create a movement which, within in the next 10 years, allows every Canadian to easily and readily access sustainable seafood for themselves and their families. The hope is that as the sustainable seafood movement continues to grow, environmentally responsible procedures will become firmly rooted as standard methods in future generations.

Also at the forefront of Chef Bell's journey is the goal to institute and raise awareness for National Sustainable Seafood Day, a day March 18th which spotlights the necessity of healthy oceans, lakes and rivers for the futures of both human beings and the environment. As the father of two sons, Fin and Max, Chef Bell is dedicated to inspiring Canadians to become part of the solution for healthier oceans for today's children and generations to come.

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ned bell

Whether cooking for six or six hundred in his role as Executive Chef of Ocean Wise, Ned Bell's cooking philosophy is globally inspired and locally created.

Bells love of sport, travel and adventure have taken him all around the world creating memorable experiences and cooking up a storm along the way.

He is inspired and passionate about crafting dishes that lean heavily on plant based, nutrient dense ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable seafood.  

His community focused life is firmly based on the health and wellness of his home, his country and the world through 'feeding' extraordinary life experiences

Ned founded Chefs for Oceans in early 2014 and rode his bike 8,700km across Canada.  He hosted two dozen events that featured some of the best chefs in the country striving to raise awareness for healthy lakes oceans and rivers and sustainable seafood.

Ned's diverse British Columbia upbringing instilled a passion for fresh and locally sourced cuisine.  This drive led him to work in some of the country's top kitchens in Vancouver, Niagara, Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver amassing many great accolades along the way.

From 7 seasons on Food Network Canada's Cook Like a Chef to Calgary's Where magazine's "Best Overall and Rising Star" award" and Western Living magazine's 2008 "Top 40 Foodie's Under 40."

Just this past December Ned was honoured as the Canada's "Chef of the Year" recipient for Food Service and Hospitality magazine's 2014 Pinnacle Awards.

upcoming events

national sustainable seafood day initiative
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2015
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto


February 12, 2015
Vancouver, British Columbia

September 3, 2014
Chef Ned Bell
Rides Across Canada For Sustaineable Seafood

Vancouver Chef Ned Bell is well known for the cutting-edge culinary creations he serves up at the Four Seasons' Yew Restaurant. In addition to being a celebrated chef, he's also one of Canada's most outspoken ambassadors for sustainable seafood. And he's not just talking the talk, he is walking the walk.

Since July, Chef Bell has been riding his bike across Canada to raise awareness for sustainable seafood. His journey, called Chefs for Oceans, will take him through all 10 provinces, covering a total distance of over 8,700 kilometres.

Although his ride across Canada puts him in the public eye, his endeavour goes far beyond one person, Chef Bell says."Sure, I'm the crazy guy on the bike and I wanted a physical and mental challenge, but I also wanted to engage people and spread the importance of healthy oceans, lakes and rivers."Chef Bell is hoping to create a movement that will allow every Canadian access to sustainable seafood by 2025, and to rally support to create a National Sustainable Seafood Day every March 18.

Until September 12, he is also raising money via his Chimp campaign page for the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise programSeaChoice and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society(CPAWS).

"As a chef my career experience is largely behind the burners and in front of guests, so the learning curve on a journey and a goal like this one is steep," he says.

"Chimp helped guide me, helped with the logistics of fundraising and remains a kind and enthusiastic partner as the first official leg of Chefs for Oceans draws to a close."

new cookbook LURE

9 x 10 inches
240 pages

This bright and bold cookbook is the definitive guide to selecting, preparing, and cooking simple and delicious fish.

With Lure, readers embark on a wild Pacific adventure and discover the benefits of healthy oils and rich nutrients that seafood delivers. This stunning cookbook, authored by chef and seafood advocate Ned Bell, features simple techniques and straightforward sustainability guidelines around Pacific species as well as 80 delicious recipes to make at home.

"Ned's passion for sustainable seafood is infectious and this book irresistible. Bring his recipes into your home to support healthy oceans."
- Dr. David Suzuki, award-winning scientist, environmentalist, and broadcaster



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